ALIMEA was created in 1986 in Corsica by a group of pioneer farmers in organic farming who came together into a co-operative.
They've been dedicated to 100% organic production from the start. Forming a co-operative meant they could share packaging of their products. Harvests are gathered in Bravone into Jean Robert Dumont's farm, then packaged and dispatched from there by truck and ferry to « the French continent » as we say here.

The island of Corsica, a particularly rich sea and mountain environment far from industrial pollution, is the perfect setting for our orchards.
Our members' orchards exceed 100 hectares (270 acres) for a varied production : citrus fruit (including clementines and grapefruit), hazelnuts and almonds – as well as kiwis and avocados
(see calendar for more details)

ALIMEA now has twenty-seven members compared to just seven in 1986. They are all certified organic and all produce fruit… in Corsica.
They were the first grouping of organic producers in France and is a recognized organisation for producers.

"ALIMEA", a limea, meaning citron in Corsican language, was the name given to our co-operative when it was founded as it is one of the islands' symbols of its ancestral agriculture. The evolution of organic farming needs an anchorage within the regional farming tradition, because it adapted its farming techniques, choice of species and variety to the territory long ago ; constituting Corsica's heritage today.


Plantations are mostly located on the Eastern coast within the Corsican plains, which is the main zone for fruit crops in Corsica forming a strip 1 to 10 km wide along the coast. Yet, mountain influence is still present as Corsica is a mountain within the sea. The territory of coastline communes starts from the beach and ends at the first mountain crest at an altitude of 1000 to 1300 meters. The plain is sheltered from winter frosts and can bear citrus fruit, avocados and kiwis. The next level up, more humid and abrupt, is a terraced hazelnut territory. Almond trees are planted west of the island, which is much drier spot.

All our fruit is harvested when fully ripe, packaged and shipped rapidly after harvest to give our customers the best taste and nutritional qualities acquired on the trees. There are no weeks or months of storage with our citrus fruit !

Fruits are not waxed or treated after harvest. Nuts are not heated and dry naturally at ambient temperature.


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