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Can you tell the difference between a mandarin and a clementine? The confusion is widespread when it comes to the name of these small citrus fruits. Of course, there is a resemblance : same size, shape, colour and sweetness, but let's go over what differentiates them :

The mandarin is older. It originates from Southeast Asia (China and Vietnam). It arrived late in Europe amongst the citrus family, in the beginning of the 19th century.

The clementine is a more recent citrus fruit, discovered in Algeria in the beginning of the 20th century by Father Clément. It is the product of a natural hybridization between the mandarin and orange trees.

The mandarin has seeds. The clementine does not.

Both fruits are easy to peel... But your nose will tell you the difference : the mandarin's aroma is unmistakable amongst all citrus fruits – mild but powerful, and deliciously sweet ! It always brings back a flood of memories for me…

In fruit and vegetable stalls, mandarins used to be a staple. While its name persists, the mandarin has been supplanted long ago.

Nowadays, clementines are found in large majority. They are more common and easy to eat : they are seedless !



he mandarin is an excellent fruit in cold weather, because it is rich in vitamins, especially vitamin C.

It has its place in the kitchen. Practical to carry, it is easy to peel at snack time.

Its zest is very fragrant and can accompany herbal teas. Don't forget to use it ! Mandarins are also used in thin slices for cooking and baking.

The mandarin is the queen of marmalades and candied fruit.

The essential oil extracted from its zest has calming and relaxing properties. It is thought to promote sleep.


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Mandarines bio corses - Alimea

Mandarines bio corses - Alimea

Mandarines bio corses - Alimea



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