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Kumquat (Fortunella Japonica) is part of the large citrus family. It looks like a small orange, but it is in fact a completely separate species. Little known in Europe, it is grown in the Far East, where it is very popular because of its flavour and for medicinal purposes (it is an excellent general tonic). It brings an exotic note to the assortment of citrus fruits from January to April.


A fountain of health

Very high in vitamin C and very rich in essential oils, kumquat is an excellent energizer. In fact, in its traditional growing area, it is known for this use and preserved longer in candied or pickled form.

If you find this fruit, simply enjoy it fresh and whole. No need to peel it ! Its thin skin is sweet and fragrant. Its pulp has a tart and refreshing taste.

It is also used in the preparation of exotic pickles or candied fruits.



Resistant to cold, the kumquat tree is also very hardy and perfectly adapted to Corsica's coastal climate. Its fruits are harvested and sent as they mature, from January to mid-April.

The Alimea plantation is located on the East coast, South of Bastia. The Santa Maria Poggio territory, like all of the East coast villages, stretches out from the seaside to the peak of the first mountain (1300 m). This is where Alain Suavet's small orchard is found, amidst a wooded maze, terraced by the sea.

When he settled there, Alain brought out of oblivion old garden terraces overlooking the sea and sheltered from the Northern winds by an overhang, exposed to the rising sun and showered by a spring harnessed above the berms.

Alain was able to rehabilitate, around the ancient stone house, the old terrace system that linked Corsican villages with orchards and gardens for the irrigable part, small family vineyards, cereal and olive trees for dry areas. Dating back to another agricultural era, this level has now become wild again : during the 60's, crops came down to the plain, where irrigation came in with the construction of the Alesani dam, and the terraces that were impassable for tractors were abandoned.

The site's remoteness amidst a lush scrub constitutes an ideal location for organic growing, as well as the very fertile soil, mild weather and availability of quality spring water.


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Kumquats bio corses - Alimea

Kumquats bio corses - Alimea

Kumquats bio corses - Alimea

Kumquats bio corses - Alimea



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